Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Episode 1 ~^v^~ aNaLoG.MaN ~^v^~

Last fall, the CMJ Music Marathon again metastasized in NYC – Williamsburg, Brooklyn to be more specific, and along with the slick vinyl banners and temporarily relevant apps designed to help navigate the oblivion that is the music conference, were a scant number of companies with a philosophy analogous to that of the young and hungry musicians, if not the ad agency workers masquerading in flannel.

The self described “mom and pop” operation of Analog Man is in fact one of the longest running guitar effect pedal manufactures, with one of the best selling boutique stomp boxes - the appropriately named King of Tone. 

Yet the staying power and success of Mike Piera and those at Analog Man in no way reflects a music business world in which more is more and selling out is as generally accepted as a mic check.  Despite demand, Analog Man has opted to remain a small operation.

And it is this attitude to which he owes his longevity, for when other pedal companies expanded in the boom years, it was the apprehensively attained girth under which they collapsed along with markets.

I met with Mike at The Living Room in Williamsburg, and again at his shop in Bethel, Conn. to talk about my favorite piece of gear, and what he does best . . . PEDALS!

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